Please find homework below:

Homework will be given out every Friday, to be returned the following Thursday





Year 2

Spelling group:



Your child will receive personalised spellings on which they will be tested each week.

Please ensure that your spelling homework is complete in time for the spelling test each Thursday.


Please use Look, Cover, Write, Check to practice the spellings sent home.

Please discuss with the children what each of the words mean and challenge the children to put the words into sentences either out loud or written down.

Topic – Florence Nightingale

Due: 5th January 2017

preparing for learning in school

consolidating learning from school

applying learning from school

Activity Guidance:


Your homework over the holidays is to research Florence Nightingale in preparation for our new topic.

You can choose to display this in any way.

  • On the computer
  • In a book
  • On folded pieces of paper
  • Using pictures.  

Guidance for Parents

Please support the children with this homework, however please do not do it for them. Encourage the children to read facts, recall facts and draw pictures.  (You may want to write next to some of the sentences what they have written)

Encourage the children to use their ‘Fred Fingers’ to sound out words, as well as looking at the words and thinking whether it looks correct.  

Reading: Please read with your child every day! Books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but will only be changed if parents/carers have written in the comments box. It is expected that you listen to your child read for at least 5 minutes per day. It is also brilliant if you read to them, this could either be a book from home, a bedtime story bag or a favourite book from our class library.

PE will be on a Thursday  Afternoon, please ensure ALL children have PE Kit and shoes for outside.

We will also be going into the woods each week so please could all children bring in sensible shoes to leave in their lockers.

Maths Task:

Blue Table:

Red Table:

Green Table


Mental Arithmetic:

To practice recalling doubles of numbers.

Double 3 = 6

Double 5 = 10


To practice recalling 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Guidance for Parents






If you would like to send any of the children’s homework via email to be printed off, please send it to:



Please Note

Homework is designed to support a child’s learning - preparing for, consolidating or applying learning in school.

Class teachers make every effort to set appropriate broad activities for different ability groups (not individuals) in the class.  Individuals may sometimes find activities too hard or too easy. This can, occasionally, lead to significant stress for parents and children – if it does, parents are strongly encouraged to contact their child’s classteacher immediately.  National guidance advises homework should take approximately 1.5 hours per week (not including reading for pleasure). If your child seems to be taking significantly longer or shorter than this and you are in any way concerned please contact your child’s class teacher. Ultimately, it is for parents to manage and support their children’s homework and work with class teachers to explore issues if learning is frustrated.





















Thank you


Miss Alexander


If you would like to send any of the children’s homework via email to be printed off, please send it to: