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The intent


Our intention is to provide a broad a balanced curriculum, delivered through a culture of high expectations, principled and caring relationships and consistent routines.  We use our expert subject knowledge to inspire and enthuse children, sparking curiosity and risk taking.


Throughout the school, the intention of our curriculum and teaching is to develop vocabulary, knowledge, skills, character and culture over the long term. We support this through our ‘Pillars of Excellence’; strategies that represent best practise throughout the curriculum.



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Art and Design



Design and Technology





Physical Education 

Religious Education 




The Learning Journeys below show what each class will be studying.


EYFS Learning Journey


Unicorn Learning Journey


Centaur Learning Journey


Griffin Learning Journey


Phoenix Learning Journey



The Pillars of Excellence


The Pillars of Excellence represent best practise for developing the intention of our curriculum. They are based on best practice, such as Rosenshine’s Principles for evidence based strategies that lead to better child outcomes.


The pillars are not a checklist to be seen in every lesson but a set of principles for teachers to use when planning, teaching and assessing.


The pillars will be used at appropriate times by the teacher to support the development of vocabulary, skills and knowledge needed for a deeper learning within our curriculum.


Through effective implementation, the Pillars of Excellence will inspire and enthuse children, sparking curiosity and risk taking. Our Pillars of Excellence are built upon our teachers’ expert knowledge alongside a culture of high expectations, principled and caring relationships and consistent routines. 



The Pillars of Excellence are:


We sequence learning and use a range of metacognitive and retrieval strategies to plan development and retention of vocabulary, skills, knowledge and understanding over the long term


We use modelling and provide scaffolded practise to introduce new vocabulary, skills, knowledge and understanding.


We provide timely feedback in a variety of forms to promote the children’s continued development of vocabulary, skills, knowledge and understanding for the long term


We plan to ask a wide range of factual and procedural questions and use a variety of questioning strategies to assess and adapt the learning.



We plan and provide opportunities for independence so children can practise their vocabulary, skills, knowledge and understanding,


We plan for children to be able to reflect and evaluate their own and each other’s learning so they review their progress over time.


We use differentiation to ‘teach to the top’ with planned scaffolds for lower attaining students so all children have the opportunities to reach their highest potential.


We model thinkingand provide opportunities for students to think about their learning in a variety of ways so children are better able to control their own learning and have empathy for other points of view.


We model and provide opportunities to practise the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research, communicating findings in a variety of ways, so our children are better able to find possible solutions to particular problems and be able to educate others.


We plan opportunities to model and practise debating and collaborative work to develop a wider range of transferrable skills.




Curriculum Plans:


Years 1&2

Years 3&4

Years 4&5

Years 5&6

Maths long term plan (based on prioritisation document) 2021-22

Phonics long term plan 2021-22

PE long term plan 2021-22

Please find the full National Curriculum here:




Keep up to date with what we are doing using the overviews above and remember to have a look at photos and our School Facebook account.

Please note that the school reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the curriculum, based on reviews and evaluations.


If you would like any further information about the curriculum please contact the school office on office@long-mead.kent.sch.uk